HMCS Navy Prints by Pat Burstall

HMCS Skeena
HMCS Ville de Quebec
HMCS Sackville


Pat Burstall's prints of Canadian navy ships exist in three series. "Lost in Action" depicts the 24 Canadian Warships lost during the Second World War. Altogether more than 400 Canadian ships and 110,000 personnel served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939 to 1945. Undermanned and untrained at the beginning of the war, the Canadian navy played an increasingly important role in Allied efforts to preserve supply lines to Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

"Canada's Navy" portrays 21 ships of varying ages from the HMCS Sackville, a corvette, commissioned in 1941 to the HMCS Ville de Quebec, a modern frigate, commissioned in 1994. HMCS Sackville has been preserved as a memorial to those who served in Canada's navy. She can be visited each summer at her berth adjacent to The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax. HMCS Haida, a Tribal Class Destroyer, dates to 1943. She served in World War II and, after modernization, in the Korean War. Of the 400 ships that served Canada in World War II, only Sackville and Haida survive. The Haida, now a National Historic Site, can be visited at her pier at Ontario Place in Toronto. Many of the ships represented in "Canada's Navy" are the second or third to bear the same name. Thus each ship proudly salutes past accomplishment.

"Past and Present" depicts an additional eight ships from the modern period in Canada's navy. The series includes HMCS Protecteur, a supply ship that served in the Gulf War, and the HMCS Bonaventure, a Majestic Class aircraft carrier that served from 1957 through 1970.

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HMCS Saguenay

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