HMCS Navy Prints by Pat Burstall
The 52 paintings which form the original for the prints were done in oil and watercolour over a period from 1978 to the present. Atlantic Nova Print Co. Inc., specialists in fine-art imaging, reproduced the paintings on film and then by means of advanced four-colour separation techniques created the final prints.
35 of the images displayed on this site are limited in print run size to enhance their value for the collector. They are then numbered and signed by the artist. The remaining images are of unlimited print run size and are signed by the artist.
Canada's Navy prints Canada's Navy prints
Canada's Navy", "Lost in Action" and "Past and Present" prints are available in navy-blue matte with mahogany frame. A grey matte and grey frame is available by special request. All materials are to archival standards.
Canada's Navy" prints are also available mounted on 8"x12" wood plaques for $60 each.


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